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what you couldn't see before
  • what you couldn't see before

    a message that comes through waves / what you couldn't see before

    Original artwork by Toni Gallo

    This contemporary landscape painting is created on stretched canvas with acrylic, measuring 40x30" completed in 2024.


    A message that comes through waves, is a series of paintings by Toni Gallo focused on the water element. Experience the bodies of water and water forming bodies in these peaceful and healing paintings encouraging you to contemplate the nature of existence through the theme of water. There are constant transformations unfolding in our lives, mirroring the ever-changing currents in water. Discover the empowerment and freedom that this artistic lens offers, providing a unique perspective on the ebb and flow of life.


    Additional questions regarding the details of this piece and/or interest in arranging shipping outside the United States, kindly connect via the contact form on site.


    Thank you!

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