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Landscape Commissions are currently open for 2024

Space is limited

The Landscape offers us 

a peace break

a place of stillness

a presence we seek; here, beyond further

It brings me great joy to paint inspired through nature and I have been extremely fortunate to create landscape commission work of important transformative places for individual clients for their private collections as well as institutions focused on well being,like Mayo Clinic for the purposes of creating spaces infused with healing arts.


Share your story, your vision about a place that has given you pause, a place connecting you to your depths. I love to hear about the landscapes that have become beacons of inspiration, zones of presence and an openness to the spirit infusing our existence. 


These moments share the elements of awareness practices as does the energy of creativity. These are the forces I use to make paintings.

The commission process is a simple and easy, yet rewarding connective process. You share your story + inspiration, choose a size and I will create an expression of your natural wonder; your significant landscape, offering you a peaceful artwork to live with and visit as often as you wish. 


Art has the power to create peace, allow you to experience presence and mimic a meditative state. Let’s connect!


Executed primarily on canvas using acrylic and mixed media, each painting is approached with a minimalist formula, utilizing necessity to create the most resonant suggestion. Employing a variety of paint applications with brushes, palette knives, and drawing tools and using poetic titles as embellishments, the paintings become dynamic and resonant. Recent pieces serve as a pause, a break in distraction, displaying a condition of completeness through presence—a sense-making without conscious thought, reflecting our spiritual nature through creative practice.

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