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Both Inside Sideways, Outside Space
  • Both Inside Sideways, Outside Space

    Both Inside Sideways, Outside Space

    Original artwork by Toni Gallo

    This contemporary figurative landscape painting is created on stretched canvas with acrylic + mica, measuring 32x42" completed in 2023. The painting was originally displayed hanging from a metallic painted branch. It can be hung with or without the branch.


    This work was part of a solo exhibition in the spring of 2023. Below is the Artist Statement.


    The Formless Orchestrating an Assembly of Form; A Material Projection

    This exhibition examines the undeniable integration of our human experience and the natural world. Our environment breathes with us as we share a pulse with every space we inhabit. Gallo explores ideas of consciousness, spirit, human existence, and nature through blended figurative landscapes paintings. The figurative elements in the paintings read as distinct identities but are not separate from the landscape, suggesting a collective entity; an effortless state of being in nature. The paintings are a projection of our interconnected existence.


    Additional questions regarding the details of this piece and/or interest in arranging shipping outside the United States, kindly connect via the contact form on site.


    Thank you!

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