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the studio

Welcome to this dream of mine. Here Beyond Further.

For now, it'll just have to be a virtual visit.

A place for rambling articulations regarding the infinite potential in being.

The studio is practice space.

Practice in retreating inward, exploring essence, addressing intention, developing the habit of awareness, alignment with this right here and now, the present moment.

In being present, we do not forget the past, it's there with us now and forever as all time is connected, not marked up, sliced and filed away. The truth of the past is here for you in the present. No need to bury yourself in the dust of yesterday, you can have it now as fresh as the morning light.

If you don't know your, “way,” the clues, symbols, keys and answers are piling up. They are in everything you do, have done and will do.

A true extension of home.

Make room for sincerity, by softening the seriousness. Imagine things rolling, even through the bumps and detours. Let the hint of a smile pervade your face in subtle strength to give your nervous system a signal to join the vibration of acceptance, with the willingness to absorb the truth telling of the present, permeating the atmosphere; consciously step into your current multidimensional reality.

My original dreams/intentions for this place were beyond my painting practice and heavily laced with the vision of creating a sacred space to share. Curating experiences through happenings centered on practices to develop the habit of awareness in settings designed to be settled into for the exploration of freedom through the emergence of paradox; to use opposing forces and/or structures in order to know and remember.

It's often uncomfortable to put stuff out there when you continuously debunk your own theories through your chosen practices. Oh, the irony, and not in the attractive styled package of the hip. It's nice to look outside yourself for guidance and equally important to have total faith in you. Now, that is a meaningful balancing act I will continue to negotiate.

Thank you for visiting!

I'm looking forward to the day, when the doors are truly open and we can breath in each other's company once again.



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