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During 2023 I've been fortunate to create two collections of paintings for two solo exhibitions. They both felt wildly different regarding the preparation, process and final surrender to the public. The exhibition at Silverwood was the first, back in Spring. Silverwood Park in the Three Rivers District has incredible arts, nature + community programming. The creativity is infused in EVERYTHING they do. I love visiting the Park and walking the trails with my family. The Gallery space was unique with wood walls. My intention was to make work moving towards the feel of tapestry wall hangings. What happened was slightly different... I ended up stretching the paintings all about 32x42" on low profile stretcher frames and suspended the work from branches collected on site and finished with chrome and gold paint.

The Formless Orchestrating an Assembly of Form; A Material Projection

March 9 - April 30, 2023

This exhibition examines the undeniable integration of our human experience and the natural world. Our environment breathes with us as we share a pulse with every space we inhabit. Gallo explores ideas of consciousness, spirit, human existence, and nature through blended figurative landscapes paintings. The figurative elements in the paintings read as distinct identities but are not separate from the landscape, suggesting a collective entity; an effortless state of being in nature. The paintings are a projection of our interconnected existence.

Winter's Medium, below, was the first painting created in this series.

Thank you for being here!

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