This is it. The time is now.


I am a painter, teacher and student of awareness practices and spiritual philosophy living in NE Minneapolis with my husband and two young children making paintings exploring consciousness.


My approach in the studio is a combination of practices, involving meditation; developing the habit of awareness.

My art expresses the weight we allow external forces, distractions and ideologies to tell stories of our identities through the reels of imagery coming and going like an endless tide from our active minds. The paintings are suggestive, figurative, landscape abstractions, naturally uncovering paradox through a balance between polished and raw, intuitive and intentional, as thick and awkward as they are effortless and natural. Things are always changing. An inhale becomes an exhale, expansion and contraction, disintegration and accumulation, nothing lasts, but it doesn’t cease to exist, so it’s a reassembly of matter, just like my paintings. Each one is a different path to the same place. They express captured experiences of connectivity as the eternal present unrolls in its nonlinear nature, connected to past, future and everything in between. It’s the state you’ve been pining after. Here beyond further.


Writing, teaching yoga and meditation are integral to the current state of my painting. I would absolutely not be able to unearth this expression in paint without exploring other practices.


I'm focused on practices to quiet the mind's version of impossible, make paintings concerning consciousness, offer engaging experiences through multi-disciplinary, resonant exhibitions. To know and respect existing structures, while respectfully bending beyond them, with integrity, serving people through art by articulating the connective material unifying our existence. To dissolve duality and the ego's unhealthy power struggle for it is indeed a shared experience that we crave.